Tioman Cabana Village (TICA) was found and build on 2006 by Local born Tioman Islanders. Start with small set-up as Watersport and Cafe using an recycle material and drift wood.Since start operated Hisham Uyub and TICA TEAM always keep his Islanders way of living with the society which is try to share he knowledge in Diving, Surfing, Sailing and also Environment Experience with new generation and local society. TICA responsible in create TIOMAN SURFESTIVAL event from 2010-2019 where the most exciting and also happening event in TIOMAN ISLAND for opening on each year. In balancing between Tourism Development and Nature TICA also allocated 10% of the profit of the business to created SOCIETY PROJECT called THE RUMAH HIJAU for showing his passionate in environment also for his island.That what we always said "The Most Value Treasure of TIOMAN ISLAND is the Nature what our Parents Keeps, Please Protect It and Respect The Culture And Nature".


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